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Albufeira ~ Algarve Portugal Pictures

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Albufeira is about a 45-minute drive (47 km or 29 miles) west from Faro (airport code FAO). It's one of the main destinations for visitors to Portugal's Algarve. But since much of Portugal's south coast offers similar scenery, you have a wide choice of places to stay, all near beaches, golf, shops and restaurants.

Travel packages often include car rental, and Faro is likely where you will pick up your car. Your hotel can put you in touch with day trip operators to Sevilla Spain, Gibraltar, Lisbon and more.

Albufeira  Portugal on the Beach Looking East

Beach at  Albufeira Western Algarve Portugal.

Albufeira beach and shoreline viewed from the western part of town.

Many hotels state on their websites their distance from the beach.

Bear in mind that much of the Algarve coastline is ringed in steep cliffs, so that a distance of 'half a kilometre (a third of a mile) from the beach' may be vertical.

If steep stairs don't appeal to you, or if you will be pushing a baby stroller, then closely question the specifics of the location.

Albufeira town square meeting place, restaurants, shops

Albufeira  Algarve Portugal town square

The very busy Albufeira downtown area runs off this town square close to the main beach.

There are a number of good restaurants in the downtown area.

There are also a great many free-roaming dogs -- not wild in the sense of viscious, but just without owners.

Cats, too, proliferate.

Albufeira Beach View to the West Man fishing on Albufeira beach, algarve, portugal.

A fisherman checks his gear near where a long cement wharf at Albufeira juts into the Atlantic.

I was here in late January, which can be quite chilly.

The weather was pleasant enough, but not warm enough to tempt me to swim.

Albufeira beach underpass at Algarve Long Stay Destination

People walking through underpass to access Albufeira beach, algarve portugal.

Near the Albufeira town square, this underpass allows access to the beach beyond.

Some of the streets in Albufeira are very steep and narrow.

We noticed a woman struggling to push her husband's wheelchair, and gave her a hand.

This part of the town area was extensively renovated to control flooding issues.

The streets in many Algarve towns are very steep, and a challenge to drivers as well. Set that parking brake!

Through the tunnel and on to Albufeira beach

Tunnel exiting through sandy cliffs to Albufeira beach algarve portugal.

The underpass tunnel opens onto Albufeira's main beach, which narrows at either end.

In late January, the only sunbathers were a few young ladies from northern Europe who, like Canadians, think this is warm weather for winter!

Albufeira Dominates the Hillside above the Beach view of the town of Albufeira from Beach, in algarve portugal.

Albufeira, when looking west from the east end of the beach.

There are some nice walking trails just west of this main beach, that take you up and down hillsides overlooking the ocean.



East of Albufeira beach Algarve Hiking in the City

Beach at Albufeira Algarve Portugal at the end of day

Near the end of day, I walked down the trails west of Albufeira's center area, and looked east towards Albufeira.

If you love sweeping ocean views and private sandy coves, soaring cliffs and gorgeous colors, you'll love the Algarve!

Sand dunes and boats at Albufeira Portugal

Algarve Portugal sand dunes and boats near Albufeira

This is not the best quality picture, taken at end of day and in poor light, etc. and I do apologize.

I only include it here to show some idea of how steep the trails can be in these sand dunes.

It took some hard scrambling to get to the top, and the main road.



Flowering Almond and Olive trees Hallmark of Algarve Spring

Flowering olive and almond trees in Portugal's Algarve

Everywhere in the Algarve, fields and hillsides were filled with clouds of soft white and pink almond and olive trees in bloom.

Apparently, late January and early February are the best time to view blossoms (sorry, I don't know which color is which type of tree).

For picnic supplies or stocking your hotel suite or condo, fill your basket with the very good and inexpensive local wines, olives, and fish.

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