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shopppers at San Telmo market in Buenos Aires Argentina.Argentina is one of my favorite countries! It's just so diverse! In the north, in Iguazu, it's tropical rainforest jungle. In south Argentina, Ushuaia, it can be frigid!

In big city Buenos Aires, you can shop till you drop, then have dinner at a tango show, or spend the day in the country at an estancia (ranch), with gauchos at a barbecue.

I purposely planned my trip to Argentina in mid-November, when it's Spring in South America. I wanted the best possible weather, the long daylight hours, especially in Ushuaia and Patagonia.

I really wanted to see Tierra del Fuego National Park, which is located in the far south of the country; it's like the far north in North America, so Spring and Summer are the best times for good weather.

As well, November is shoulder or low season, so it's cheaper to travel, and less crowded.

From Ushuaia, I flew north to Buenos Aires where the weather is generally pleasant year round (except in their winter (July, August), when it's chilly, and there can be fierce windstorms.

If you are in Buenos Aires, it's easy to cross the Rio de la Plata by ferry or hydrofoil, to either Colonia (less than an hour) or Montevideo (about 3 hours). Regular flights go between Buenos Aires and Montevideo or even Punta Del Este, Uruguay.

On another trip, I came to Argentina by bus from Valparaiso Chile, up and over the Andes, to Mendoza.

After several weeks of touring around, I was hopelessly smitten with Uruguay, Argentina and Chile: I loved the foods, wines, South American lifestyle, and the warm and friendly people.

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