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Canada Homes Winter Snow Pictures

Canadian Houses Built for Cold Weather, Coping with Winter

Canada Homes are constructed to be warm and dry in winter. At least, most of the homes built in Canada in the last 50 or so years are. The way homes are built in Canada makes a big difference in how we cope with winter. Canadian homes usually have full basements, good insulation, central heating, double glazed or thermal windows and lots of caulking for draughts.

Getting ready for winter means doing all those chores that help keep our homes snug and warm. Tasks like checking for drafts around doors and windows and caulking them, getting the furnace checked and serviced, cleaning the furnace ducts, and shutting off outdoor water and draining hoses. Here are some pictures of homes in Canada to show how they help us cope with winter weather.

Canada Homes Built to cope with snow - Steep pitch helps to shed snowCanada homes built for winter with steep roofs to help shed snow.

I took this picture in southern British Columbia, in the city of Trail in early summer.

This area of Canada gets lots of heavy snow in winter, so many homes are built with very steep roofs.

This steep pitch helps heavy snowfalls to slide off the roof. Wet snow is heavy snow, and a lot of it accumulating on the roof can cause it to collapse.

Homes in many mountain towns in B.C., notably Fernie and in the Rockies, will have steep roofs clad in aluminum to help shed snow even more.

Less Snow in Winter = Roofs less steep on Homes in Canada   Homes in Canada with peaked roof help cope with winter snows.

I took this picture in late winter in Port Credit, Ontario, Canada.

This part of the city of Mississauga is a few blocks from Lake Ontario, which helps to keep it warmer, and less snowy than other parts on Missisisauga.

You can see how the roof is not as steep as the one in the first picture.

Note how the banks of snow are higher on the east side of the house, away from any winter sun and so are slower to melt away.

New Home in Port Credit, Canada Built for Winters, Snow, Cold New construction home in Port Credit, Mississauga, Canada built for winter weather with tile roof, steep pitch, brick and stone exterior.

This newly constructed waterfront home in Port Credit would have the latest in energy efficiency.

Note the fairly steep roof pitch, the tile roof, and the stone and brick exterior.

I took this photo to try and catch the snowflakes falling when the sun was shining.

It didn't turn out as I'd hoped, and the weather was cold enough that I didn't stick around to try for more shots :-)

Mississauga Ontario Canada ~ Commercial buildings Insulated for Winter  Buildings in Canada with thick insulation from snow and cold. This is a commercial buidlng under construction. The yellow panels are insulation.

Here's a photo of a business (commercial) building under construction in Mississauga, Ontario.

Commercial buildings are among the few types that have a flat roof; high rises are another.

The yellow panels are the insulation layer to keep it warm in winter and cool  in summer.

The plastic covered scaffolding helped keep the workers and bricks and mortar protected from the cold winter winds.

Canada Homes are built to cope with Winter

Homes in Canada that cope best in winter:

  • are built to strict code to help conserve energy and keep the buildings sound and weather resistant. See Ontario Building code site for details:
  • will have basements, not crawl spaces. Unless they are very old homes or are in a warmer area of Canada, like Vancouver Island, BC, a properly insulated full basement will help keep homes warm in winter.
  • will have newer doors and windows that are double glazed, with sealed frames, proper weatherstripping
  • have new / newer furnaces

For more information about homes in Canada, see the website of one well-known Canadian home contractor: ( Mike Holmes has several television shows, and is respected for his ability to fix improperly built homes, though other contractors may take umbrage with his comments as they feel he tars them all with the same brush.

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