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Canada Winter Pictures

When will it snow in Canada? It depends on where and how cold.

Canada in Winter Many people ask When will it snow in Canada? There is no easy answer. It will snow when it is cold enough to turn rain into snow, sleet, ice pellets or any variation of frozen rain. When snow will fall also depends on where you are in Canada. In Vancouver and the south west coast of B.C., winters tend to be warmer than in the Prairies (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba) and Northern Ontario and Quebec. Here are some pictures taken in winter in Mississauga and Port Credit near the shores of Lake Ontario.

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Canada Winter Snow will be White (Until it turns gray) Snow on evergreen trees in Port Credit Mississauga Ontario Canada

Is there any snow sight more lovely than a thick layer of white blanketing the countryside?

It looks like whipped cream or marshmallow covering every surface.

Skiers and snow boarders and ski-doers love it. So do photographers  - my camera even has a setting for snow!

But it really is a pain to have to shovel all this winter wonderland, which is why I moved to a condo, where show is shovelled for me :-)

Winter in southern Ontario : Shopping mall lot after the storm.

canada snow pictures ontario mississauga I was looking for a parking spot the other day at the mall, when it struck me that many of the usual parking slots were given over to snow banks.

This sudden shrinking of available parking lot space following winter snow storms illustrates how hard it can be to move snow from places where it isn't wanted.

Notice how the green van managed to get a spot, whilst adjacent spots are cut in half, and so unusable.

If you were to park in one of these short spots, the rear half of your vehicle would jut into the traffic lane.

Snow Banks ~ Not the Money Kind (except for snow removal companies)

canada snow banks in mississauga ontario Here's another snow picture taken in the same lot (Canadian Tire is one of our retail icons for automotive and household goods). This particular snow bank is quite impressive and much higher than the mini van parked next to it.

This picture shows how difficult, if not impossible, it is to see other traffic behind such mini mountains of snow. Similarly, piles of snow along driveways and at intersections block your view.

When you arrive at a parking lot before plows have cleared snow following a storm, the pavement markings are hidden - you park where you THINK the spaces should be. Once the parking lot is cleared and you can SEE where the spaces actually are, it's quite funny -- as if everyone parked while under the influence!

Canada snow bank close-up view  canada snow close up sidewalk slippery walking surface

Snow banks are made by snow plows pushing snow and slush (partly melted snow) off to the side of the streets and sidewalks.

Frozen rivers means the water has started freezing from the TOP DOWN. Rivers are moving water and moving water doesn't freeze totally.

This tip about moving water is why if you think the water pipes might freeze in a poorly insulated part of your house, you can leave the taps dripping overnight when it's coldest.

Then set about insulating them as frozen pipes will burst!

Falling Snow ~ Snowflakes Gently Floating Down canada snow storm falling snowflakes mississauga ontario

Gently wafting down in a plinko-type style (moving in random downward patterns), snowflakes can be truly beautiful!

But they can be really hard to take pictures of, since when it's snowing, it's darker, and the camera flash will reflect off the white snow and blur the image.

But here's a photo to give you an idea. These really large snowflakes occur only when the winds are mainly calm.

Weather in Canada a hot topic! Snow storms Weather Report canada winter weather report graphic

Here's an image I took from a Toronto television station weather forecast screen.

Canada uses the metric system, so the -12 (minus 12) is in celsius, and about 11 Fahrenheit.

A popular saying when the temperatures drop close to minus 20 (minus 4 F or '4 below') is 'It's too cold to snow."

There is some truth in this in that the colder it gets, the drier the air becomes, with less moisture to fall as snow.

And when it gets colder it usually means a high pressure system moving in from the Arctic, and high pressure usually means clear weather.

But I've been in snowstorms when it's minus 25, so this 'too cold to snow' idea must mean when it's a lot colder than that!

Frozen River at Snug Harbour Restaurant in Port Credit Ontariosnug harbour restaurant port credit ontario winter ice on river.

Here's a picture of a local Port Credit Ontario restaurant on the Credit River just steps away from Lake Ontario.

You can see where a thin coating of ice shows the river is freezing near the surface.

The boats from summer have long been put away for the winter.

For comparison, the Mississauga Port Credit page has a picture of this location in summertime.

Seagulls in Winter, Credit River, Lake Ontario, Mississauga Credit river at lake ontario seagulls standing on winter ice

Here's a picture taken looking across the Credit River to Lake Ontario.

The ice from ice fog, melted snow, etc. has coated this boardwalk railing.

The cold footing doesn't seem to bother the seagulls, and no, they will not stick to metal in winter (someone asked :-)

But if you put your wet hand or tongue on frozen metal, you will stick, and likely lose some of your skin if you try to pull away.


Port Credit Lighthouse Mississauga Ontario Port Credit Lighthouse Winter --  Canada Snow

Here's another shot of the river ice at Port Credit, Ontario.

Winter is the darkest time of year, both from the fewer hours of daylight and the clouds from stormy weather.

The low lighting makes it a challenge to take photos, and the cold temperatures can be hard on cameras and batteries.

I keep my small camera in an inside picket in my parka, or hold it inside my mittens and in my pocket.

I've also kept it hanging around my neck, under my coat and scarf.

Water Frozen on Lilac Branches Icy Artice coated trees port credit ontario

Each winter, this little lilac bush gets dripped on when daytime sunshine melts the snow on the roof above it and splashes down.

When the dripping water lands on the frozen branches, it freezes. The more water drips, the thicker the coating of ice.

This melting then freezing snow/water will coat sidewalks and streets, too.

Whether you are driving or walking, pay attention to the conditions.

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