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Canada Winter Videos

Snow Melter Machine, Winter Storms, Ice Floes and more! Br-r-r-r

Canada Winter Videos: Here are some videos I've filmed in and around Port Credit Ontario during the winter months in Canada. Related:  What to pack for a trip to Canada in Winter, and Canada Winter weather Pictures, Canada snow winter tips and how to travel in Canada in winter.

Snow Melter Machine -- Who Knew?

When the snow banks get too high and too deep along the edges of the roads, the snow is carted away to be melted by a special snow melting machine. In Toronto, mobile snow melting trucks are used to scoop up the snow and melt it as the truck moves along.


Snowstorm Video Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens December 2008

The late fall weather had been very warm for this time of year, and then all of a sudden it turned from Fall to Winter in a day. I walked a few blocks to see how the winds were whipping up Lake Ontario - have a look.


Ice Floes on Credit River!

A mid-winter thaw set the melting river ice floating down the Credit River into Lake Ontario ! Imagine how cold the water is, and how dangerous to fall into it.


Snug Harbour Credit River Swans and Geese

How lovely when Winter's chill is gone for part of a day in late Winter! Even the swans, geese and mallard ducks are enjoying it. The swans with orange beaks are Mute swans, and the swans with black beaks are Trumpeter swans, and have their wings tagged.


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