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Casapueblo Uruguay Travel Pictures

Carlos Paez Vilaro Art Gallery, Punta Ballena, Rio De La Plata

Casapueblo in Uruguay is more than a building: It's a fabulous sculpture of curvaceous, smooth, white concrete, a delight for eyes and hands, with sweeping views of the Rio De La Plata and Punta Ballena.

Carlos Paez Vilaro art gallery, the museum and the lovely grounds make for an interesting few hours tour. Casapueblo is about 2.5 hours by road east from Montevideo (Uruguay) and only 15 minutes west from the Uruguay resort Punta del Este.  and close to Piriapolis.

Casapueblo Uruguay ~ Art gallery, museum, workshop and hotel Exterior Casapueblo Uruguay art gallery, museum, workshop and hotel

Even though the day was cloudy, Casapueblo proves it does not need sunshine to make it gleam.

The Rio De La Plata peeks through on the left, and the blue of a courtyard swimming pool is to the right.

Visitors are first welcomed into a small auditorium, its pew-style benches all curved from concrete, and shown an explanatory video.

Interior room at Carlos Paez Vilaro Art Gallery Interior room Casapueblo art gallery

In this room at the Carlos Paez Vilaro, the curved concrete doorway shows some of the details that mark Casapueblo.

The built in shelves hold ceramic tiles and other small art pieces.

Go through the doorway, into the next room, and those shelves display larger pottery vases and bowls.

Art books Displayed, Sold at the GalleryCasapueblo art books, Uruguay


A selection of books by Carlos Paez Vilaro are offered for sale here.

Casapueblo is open daily from sunrise to sunset. Each year, it welcomes more than 60.000 visitors.

If you can, time your visit for sunset, or stay at the Casapueblo Hotel on site. Then, you can watch the Ceremony of the Sun(set) from the museum terrace.

Down hill towards the river, there is a large parking lot, and a park looking out over the river, with short walking trails.

Carlos Paez Vilaro vases ~ Casapueblo UruguayCarlos Paez Vilaro vases, Casapueblo


I was totally captivated by the designs of much of the art displayed here, especially with these wonderful vases.

That's the Rio De La Plata, again, in the background. These vases were on a terrace.

River views from the terrace at Casapueblo, Punta Ballena Uruguayriver views from the terrace at Casapueblo, Uruguay

Looking northeast from Casapueblo in the picture gives some idea of how high and steep the home - art gallery - hotel is sited.

By late afternoon, the skies had cleared, but by then it was too late to return to take sunny pictures.

On this weekday in Spring, I didn't see any boats on this stretch of the river.