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Chile Food Cazeula ~ Cazuela de Pollo

Traditional Food from Chile (Comida Tipica)

Chile food Cazuela is one of the traditional foods from Chile (comida tipica), a type of stew that is prepared using chicken or beef as the main protein ingredient.

Cazuela de Pollo : (Spanish; pronounced cazz-WAY-lah deh POY-yoh) is made with chicken. Unlike the typical North American stew with a heavy, creamy gravy, the gravy for this homestyle food from Chile is a broth, very light and clear.

Traditional Food From Chile: In Puerto Montt at Restaurant Kiel, the menu listed it as chicken soup. I later learned that this was the way they chose to translate the term ' chicken cazuela '.

Cazuela with Beef a traditional home style Chile food Bowl of cazuela made from beef. Cazuela is a traditional food from Chile.

In Santiago, Chile, at El Hoyo Restaurant, I had beef cazuela, shown in the picture. My Chilean companion explained to me that cazuela is a casual dish, one that people cook at home for the family, not for company.

Busy homemakers simmer the meat all day, then add a few green beans, carrot slices and a boiled potato, and a bit of salt when ready to serve.

Carmen in Valparaiso writes: "The cazuela is the most typical dish of the country side of Chile and traditionally made with beef, potato, a piece of pumpkin, carrot slices, red or green pepper slices and green beans. Also, during summer, with a piece of yellow corn. Served on a clay dish."

Chicken Cazuela at Restaurant Kiel ~ Cazuela de Pollo Dining table in restaurant Kiel Puerto Montt Chile with bowl of Chicken Cazuela (de pollo).

This is the Chicken Soup for I had for lunch at Restaurant Kiel, located a short distance from Puerto Montt in Chile's Lake District.

I expected the traditional chicken soup in bowl of diced veggies and noodles that is common in North America. Instead, I was given this very tasty treat that is Chicken cazuela.

The pale spears on the side plate are canned white asparagus, billed as a salad. Add your own oil and vinegar to dress the spears.

With my meal, I ordered a drink called frutilla (froo-tee-yah) -- fresh strawberry juice. Of course coffee and tea are offered, too, as is beer and wine.

More Pictures of Chile Foods

Crusty Chile bread called marraquetta. Cup of coffee on a tray with a cookie, typical in Chile. Sign at the Santiago restaurant El Hoyo that serves traditional Chile foods.

A market in Santiago Chile with local fruit and vegetables piled high.Local seafoods typical of Chile, served on a platter as a sampler. Snow glaciers on volcano  in southern Chile.