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Touring Chile: Santiago, Pacific Coast, Lake District, Patagonia Santiago Chile Statue Parque Metropolitano

I traveled to Chile for the first time one November, the best time, I hoped, to see the glaciers, volcanoes and parks in the south, and enjoy some good Chilean wines and seafood -- superb!

In November (Spring), strawberries are just coming into season! And avocadoes and much other fresh fruits. Another trip, I travelled in December, the summer season and Christmas. Future trips are planned for January-- midsummer -- to see Chile in yet another season.

Touring Chile: On all trips, I arrived at the capital, Santiago, then travelled around from there.

From Toronto, Canada, this is the shortest flying time (10.5 hours) and non-stop route on Air Canada.

Once I've done my travelling around Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, I make my way to Buenos Aires for the return flight. The routing has the plane make a short stop in Santiago to pick up passengers, and we were allowed off the plane into a boarding lounge.

From Santiago, I went by road and private car to and from the Pacific coast cities of Valparaiso and Vina del Mar (great seafood here!) and a side trip to the Pablo Neruda house.

On another trip, I took a bus from Santiago to the Port area of Valparaiso then another bus from Valparaiso through the Andes to Mendoza, Argentina.

Once, I flew south to Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt, and the Lake District national park Vicente Perez Rosales. Being springtime in South America, many flowers and trees in Chile were in bloom. I am planning a return trip south by bus, now that I know first hand that bus travel is a safe option for a solo traveller.

I enjoy walking around the capital city, Santiago, with its attractive colonial architecture, and wonderful city parks, like Santa Lucia with views to the Virgin Mary statue high on a mountainside.

North Chile to Patagonia: Chile spans some 4,000 km (2500 miles) from its northern borders with Peru and Bolivia, south to Patagonia, hugging the Andes and Argentina on its east border all the way. From northern desert to the chilly turbulence of Cape Horn's Antarctic seas, it's a challenge to see all of Chile in one trip!

So far, I've not explored the area to the far north, the Valley of the Moon etc. but perhaps one day I shall.

No Jet lag: For much of North America's populace, there's hardly any time difference between Chile and New York or Toronto. Chile is one-two hours ahead of Eastern time (depending on daylight savings time), so jet lag isn't an issue.

I was charmed by the friendly Chileans, who greet one another with a handshake and a kiss on the cheek. The tap water was safe to drink everywhere, the scenery fantastic, and the roads were good.

Have a look around my Chile pages for pictures and information about this lovely country, and get planning a trip of your own!

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