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visitors walking up the stairs of the Great Wall of China at badaling. China is one of my favorite travel destinations! There's so much to see and do! Especially in Hong Kong -- Shopping, touring, dining, sightseeing; it's hard to fit in all the things to see and do. Have a look around my travel pictures of China via the links below.

China ~ Sights, Shops, Climb the wall!

Travel in countires that span a large geographic area, with a wide array of climates, as China does, means you have to consider a range of factors before booking your trip: The typical weather at that time of year, the location of cities/ provinces you plan to visit, major holidays and high seasons and major sports events, etc.

For Chna travel, Spring and Fall are the shoulder seasons:

Shoulder seasons are usually the best time to travel: Less crowded, better rates, good weather. But Autumn in China is also cyclone (typhoon) season; The Mid Autumn Moon Festival (similar to US Thanksgiving) is usually held in September or early October; China National Day (similar to July 4 in USA) is October 1. Any and all of these events can make travel a challenge, with delayed flights, crowded airports, etc.

So in China, Autumn is at once the best time to travel and the worst time to travel. But I've traveled to China several times at this time of year via busy Beijing, and not had any issues with storms, crowds or overbooked hotels, etc.

However, a planned trip to southern Sanya on Hainan Island (called the Hawaii of China) around Chinese New Year high season (Late January, early February) proved too costly, and I made other plans.

China Travel Pages

To help you plan your trip to China, here are some of my pictures.

This is only a small sample of things to see and do in this amazing country. Much changes in China: New buildings, attractions, highways seem to spring up overnight. To keep track of them all is impossible, at least for this solo travel writer!

But that's much of the fun of travel -- to discover for yourself something new. Enjoy your trip!

cloisonnee artist crafting a vase in Beijing ChinaTraffic on the streets of Beijing China close up view of wall at the Forbidden City in Beijing China people on the stairs at the Great Wall of China at BadalingDuk LIng antique junk at sail on harbour in Hong Kong China Man in China leading two water buffalo over a highway bridge.woman wearing  travel clothes for China trip travel in China - woman wearing camera bag*