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Credit River Fishing in Mississauga Ontario

Fishing Mississauga: Port Credit, Erindale, Streetsville Ontario

Credit River Fishing Mississauga : The Credit River is one of the best fishing rivers in Ontario. There are several popular fishing locations along the Credit River as it passes through Mississauga, Ontario, depending on the time of year and the type of fish in season. Fishing for salmon is the highlight of the fishing season, and the best fishing locations follow the salmon run in late August and early September from Lake Ontario at Port Credit, north to Erindale in south Streetsville. Fishing for large carp is popular in May, June, July at Saddington Park, where the river runs into Lake Ontario.

See my salmon pictures and videos of fishing on the Credit River:

Credit River Fishing Mississauga Ontario ~ Atlantic Salmon Sign Credit River Fishing excludes Atlantic salmon, a protected native species in Ontario.

Along the Credit River, it's closed season on Atlantic Salmon, a protected, native species. Make sure you can tell Atlantic salmon from allowed salmon. Catch it, you MUST release.

See photos of types of fish in the Credit River on the CRAA site:

  • Steelhead (salmon); Mostly wild steelhead, with best runs in fall and early spring, especially after heavy rain or snow melt that raises the level of the Credit River.
  • Coho (my photo coho) in September and October
  • Chinook (king) salmon (my photo) good at Erindale Park from the middle of September to early November.
  • Bass: summer, in pools along the Credit River to Lake Ontario.

Other types of fish in the Credit River listed on the CVCA (Credit Valley Conservation Authority) site:

"Credit River is home to over 45 fish species . . . including brook, brown and rainbow trout . . . smallmouth and largemouth bass; northern pike and carp.

"Black crappie, pumpkinseed sunfish, rock bass, yellow perch and bullhead catfish represent smaller panfish that are widespread and common to many small lakes and ponds in the watershed, and may even be found in slow moving river sections."

The CVCA site also lists a handy guide for times of year and possession limits by species of fish.

Credit River Erindale Park Fishing Mississauga TIPS Reporting Line MNR Credit River fishing in Mississauga tips from the MNR (Ministry Natural Resources) and CRAA (Credit River Anglers Assn) 24 hour tip line for types of fishing allowed.

Sign at Erindale Park give the 24 hour TIPS line phone number to report any illegal activities relating to destruction of habitat, forests, poaching, snagging (hooking other than the mouth with multiple hooks, without fish biting the lure, hook, bait) or sale of wildlife.

The Ontario fishing regulations are many and complicated, so the prudent fisherman should make sure s/he is familiar with most of them.

The guide is available on the MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) site below, as is a guide to eating fish caught in the Credit River and Lake Ontario.

The salmon and other fishing is getting better and attracting more fishermen in greater numbers, thanks to a concerted and cooperative effort by a number of agencies, including but not limited to, CCRA, MNR, Trout Unlimited, TRCA, and the Izaak Walton Fly Fishing Club.

Adherence to Ontario fishing regulations is largely peer and public monitored, as sport fishing covers a wide georgraphic area in southern Ontario. Spot checks and 'stings' for valid types of fishing licences and catch limits, etc. are conducted from time to time.

Be a sportsman and fish ethically!

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Here's  a picture I took in July 2011 of a large carp landed at Saddington Park. This is near where the Great Blue Heron was sighted.

See MNR guidelines or order a copy of the guide for eating fish caught in Lake Ontario and Credit River. I, for one, think it is pretty amazing that such great sport fishing is available in a major urban area! You can take a city bus to Erindale Park or Port Credit, walk a block or two, and cast your rod and catch a huge salmon. Is this a great city to live in or what?

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