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Day Trips Ontario Webster's Falls Park

Spencer's Gorge, Tews Falls near Hamilton Ontario

One of the loveliest of Hamilton Conservation Authority Parks, Webster's Falls park is a great day trip in southern Ontario, Canada, with opportunities to hike to Spencer's Gorge and Tews Falls, if you are so inclined, or to picnic and walk about the park lands above the Falls. Webster's Falls is close to major southwest Ontario towns. Here is the approximate distance: (Googlemap).

  • From Toronto about 64 kms (40 miles)
  • From Hamilton about 8 km (5 miles), depending on where you are in Hamilton
  • From London ON 108 kms (67 miles)
  • From  Mississauga about 41 kms (26 miles)

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Webster's Falls Park Sign Tells History of this Ontario Conservation Area  Webster's Falls park sign with history information, Hamilton Conservation Authority park in Ontario.

Webster's Water Falls used as a source of power to run the mills since the early 1800s.

Spencer Creek, as it runs over the escarpment to become Webster's Falls, was the source of power for the many mills in this part of Ontario.

Do take a moment to read about the history and evolution of this area.

You soon see that this is more than an interesting day trip and hiking area.

These waterfalls and small creeks helped shape Ontario's manufacturing industry.

Cobblestone Bridge ~ Top of Webster's Falls Stone bridge at Webster's Falls Park area in Ontario, over Spencer's Creek above the waterfalls.

Though Webster's Falls is wonderful on its own, this restored cobblestone bridge with its graceful arch adds to its charm.

It just invites you to take its photo!

The original bridge dates back to the 1930s.

In this picture, you can see where the bridge passes over Spencers Creek close to the rim (top) of Webster's Falls.

There are stairs to the left of this view that take you to the bottom of Webster's Falls.

See Hamilton Ontario page for photos taken at the bottom of the falls.

Cobblestone Bridge Close Up Webster's Falls Park, Ontario Close up look at stone bridge at Webster's Falls park near Hamilton Ontario.

In this photo, the restored part of the cobblestone bridge can be seen in closer detail.

According to the signage nearby, the restoration was a Year 2000 project by the local Greensville Optimist Club.

The restored section opened on Canada Day (July 1) 2000.

The ends of the bridge show the original stones laid so long ago.

After heavy rains, of course, the waterfalls are more dramatic. If you can time your visit for shortly after rainstorms, you'll be rewarded with wonderful waterfalls pictures!

Tews Falls ~ South Ontario Day TripTews Falls near Webster's Falls Park, Hamilton Consevation Area.

Tews Falls, shown here, is about a 20-minute walk north east from Webster's Falls, or 45 minutes round trip between the two waterfalls.

There are good signs at the parking areas at both Tews Falls and Webster's Falls to point the way.

I must confess I have never walked this route. When I visited, the weather was too hot and humid to contemplate that long a walk.

On other trips, I was on my own, and didn't want to be alone on a trail.

I am sure it's perfectly safe, but prudence dictates one doesn't walk long woodland trails on one's own.

if I twisted an ankle, say, there's no telling how long I might have to wait for help to arrive.

Lookout at Spencer Gorge Trail - Hamilton Ontario Area Lookout at Spencer's Gorge, looking south west towards Dundas and Hamilton Ontario.

From Tews Falls parking area (after paying the conservation area fee ($5/car for both Tews and Websters), we walked up the hill trail and stairs to the waterfalls lookout.

Partly retracing our steps back to the car, we took the trail to Spencer Gorge, just to see what was there before going to Webster's Falls.

This photo shows the low lying smog on this hot, humid day. The half hour walk from Tews to  Spencer Gorge and then back, though lovely, was not a lot of fun.

But on a crisp fall day, or cool summer morning, this is a wonderful place to spend a day hiking!

How to get to from Webster's Falls:

  • Via the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way highway), exit at Royal Botanical Gardens north on Highway 6 to Dundas Street (Hwy 5).
  • Via Dundas Street (Highway 5) I ususally drive west from Mississauga on Dundas Street (Highway 5) till I reach Hwy 6 at Clappison's Corners, a major intersection at the top of the hill to from the QEW, with a large service center on the south west corner.

At Clappison's Corners, go west (Left) if you are coming from the QEW, or straight through the intersection if you are coming on Dundas. Get ready to turn left / south in a kilometer or so when you see the sign for Rock Chapel Road. If you miss the turn, turn left at the next road. Both roads lead to Harvest Road that runs east-west. Tews Falls and Websters Falls are both south off Harvest Road.

See this Map of Webster's Falls area and scroll around to orient yourself, especially if you are coming south from Highway 401, or via Dundas, Ontario, area. Once you have been to Webster's Falls, though, it's simple enough to find again without a map.

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