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Dim Sum Mississauga Ontario Canada

Royal Dragon Chinese Centre dim sum restaurant closed

Dim Sum Mississauga The popular Mississauga Ontario Canada dim sum Chinese restaurant at the Mississauga Chinese Centre became the Royal Dragon Chinese Restaurant in July 2010 and operated until February 2012. Mall management informs a new restaurant will take over the premises, but no opening date or other details are available. Parking Tip: Access the Chinese Centre at 888 Dundas Street West at traffic light east of main gates (GOOGLE MAP). A favourite spot, sorry to see it go, and I look forward to checking out the new restaurant when it opens. Here is the information archived from the Royal Dragon.

Dim Sum Mississauga Ontario Canada ~ Royal Dragon Restaurant Exterior of Royal Dragon Chinese Restaurant Mississauga Chinese Centre.

Sun Sun at the Mississauga Chinese Centre was our favorite restaurant for dim sum, especially for a Sunday Brunch.

Now known as the Royal Dragon Chinese Restaurant, with revamped decor and uniforms, it still serves our favorite dim sum dishes.

The reception desk has been moved close to the entrance, making it easier for customers to arrange for a table.

Royal Dragon Chinese Restaurant Dining Room Mississauga Ontario Interior dining room Royal Dragon Chinese Restaurant Mississauga Chinese Centre, Ontario Canada.

We usually time our arrival for just before noon.

This seems to be the best time for fast service after the mid morning rush and before the busy afternoon crowd.

But this day, a Sunday noon, Royal Dragon was packed, and we were seated at a table in the overflow dining area.

I took this picture just as the room had cleared a bit.

Dim Sum Food Cart ~ Royal Dragon Chinese Restaurant Mississauga, Ontario  Cart with hot dim sum foods at Royal Dragon Chinese Restaurant in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Since this was the first time we'd ever been seated in the overflow dining room, I wondered if we'd be offered the same wide range of dim sum dishes as in the main, large dining room.

Not to worry: The choices were hot and tasty!

This cart had savory dumplings and ribs, kept hot with the flame under the food trays.

Another favorite dim sum dish is the deep fried spicy tofu cubes. They'd be an addictive snack food, if ever they were marketed as such!

Hot Fresh Buns and Pastries Dim Sum Royal Dragon Chinese RestaurantHot pastry buns and bread on dim sum serving cart at Royal Dragon Chinese Restaurant at Mississauga Chinese Centre.

This dim sum cart was filled with savory and sweet buns and pastries.

Another food cart offered melon balls and other fresh fruits, and firm red Jello pieces shaped into hearts.

For dessert, keep watch for bowls of silken tofu, served with warm simple sugar syrup.

Like congee, this sweet, silky tofu is a comfort food.

Dim Sum Foods: Congee, Baby Bok Choy, Pork Shoo Mai, at Royal Dragon   Plates of dim sum foods congee, baby bok choy, pork shoo mai at Royal Dragon Chinese Restaurant Mississauga Ontario.

Dim Sum Dishes: My favorite way to start dim sum brunch is with a hot bowl of congee (rice soup), shown in the bowl at the bottom, with green onions and peanuts as a tasty, edible garnish.

The golden cubes of dough, right of tea pot, are deep-fried, and used as a crouton-like topping on congee.

The greens are baby bok choy, the tiniest i had ever seen! The dumplings are pork shoo mai.

Tables that seat 10 or more have 'lazy Susan' turntables in the middle to make it easy to share dishes.

As you choose various dim sum dishes, the servers (most of whom have limited English skills) mark the number of plates on the running tab on your table.

Wait staff are assigned to tables to fetch pots of tea, glasses or pitchers of water, or other drinks, and bring cutlery for those who prefer not to use chopsticks. When you are finished, the waiter will tally the tab, and bring you a regular bill. You can take it to the front to pay, cash, debit, credit card. Tips are appreciated.

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