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Fall Colors Mississauga Ontario

Autumn Foliage Colours Pictures Maple Trees

Fall Colors Mississauga Ontario: Autumn foliage colours can turn Mississauga maple and oak trees into a painter's palette of gold, orange, red and yellow! On a sunny day, the colors are more vibrant, of course. But even on a cloudy day, red maples and golden oak leaves bring light amidst the gray. Strong winds and rains will blow the leaves off the trees, so it's a delicate balance between seeing fall colors at their finest show, or a pile of colourful leaves on the ground.

Here are some autumn foliage pictures I took in the Mississauga neighbourhoods and parks in Streetsville, Erindale, and Port Credit. Best place to take pictures of fall tree colours? If you are in the Mississauga Oakville Brampton area, try along Mississauga Road from the Lakeshore north to Terra Cotta. Along any river valley - 16  Mile Creek in Oakville Milton or the Credit River valley. Best time to take photos of fall colours? It depends on the weather: Some years (2009), the leaves don't turn color until mid-October, and other years (2010), they start to turn colour in mid-September. See also Day Trips Ontario page for conservation areas, etc.

Fall Colors Mississauga : Bradley Museum in Clarkson OntarioClarkson Bradley Museum fall colors in Mississauga - red maple tree.

Bradley Museum is a great place to visit in fall to see the changing colors of the maples.

The day I was here, an art show was taking place, and the buildings were open for viewing.

Bradley Museum also holds an annual Maple Syrup Festival in Spring.

Location: GoogleMap Orr Road  Mississauga Ontario

Brueckner Rhododendron Garden Port Credit, Mississauga, Ontario Red maple fall colors at Brueckner Rhododendron Garden in Mississauga.

This is the Godfrey Lane entrance where the Waterfront Trail enters the Garden.

Though spring is the best time for seeing rhododendrons and azaleas in bloom, Brueckner Garden is an all-season park.

Fall colors, in good autumn foliage years, can be seen throughout the garden.

See googlemap for location:

BRG Location

Golds, Yellows, Reds colour Fall Foliage in Memorial Park, Port Credit  Fall foliage colors in Mississauga Memorial Park in Port Credit, Ontario.

Memorial Park in Port Credit is a good place to see fall foliage colours, though in a more urban setting.

This is the view from the west bank of the Credit River, north from the Lighthouse on Front Street North.

There is also a Memorial Park in Streetsville, Ontario, located north on the Credit River in Mississauga.

Location: See Google Map link - click on Memorial Park.

Maple in Golden Yellow ~ Rhododendron Garden, Mississauga Ontario Bright yellow maple leaves against a deep blue sky make a great fall colours picture in Mississsauga.

In good Fall Foliage years, the colours are fantastic!

For taking panoramic pictures, head out to some of the Conservation Areas listed on the Day Trips page.

Generally, look for a high point -- apartment building, cliff top -- that gives a sweeping view of the landscape.

I found one nice spot in Oakville, bordering Mississauga on the west, on an overpass overlooking 16 Mile Creek, and posted photos on my blog. See Fall colours Oakville Ontario

Red Maple leaves in Port Credit, Mississauga, OntarioBright red maple leaves the showiest of fall colors in Mississauga and Ontario.

Red maples are not only found in Port Credit, though. You'll find them throughout Mississauga and much of Ontario.

Fall foliage along the Culham Trail that runs from Erindale Park on Dundas Street West north to the Brampton city border, is a show in autumn and Erindale Park is a great place to see fall colours.

Bonus: You get to take a nice walk along the Credit River to watch the salmon fishermen bringing in the big ones!

Mississauga Fall Weather, Foliage Video

Here's a video I filmed in late November, 2009: You can see the leaves never really did turn color in Fall that year. So if you're looking to take in a brilliant fall colors show, keep an eye on the weather, and pay attention to the leaf colours. When you see the fall colors start to pop, choose a sunny day and head out to city of Mississauga parks and river valleys for a great fall foliage show!

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