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Food in Chile El Hoyo Restaurant Comida tipica

Traditional Chilean Foods Drinks: Terremoto, Temblor, pisco sour

El Hoyo restaurant in Santiago Chile serves up delicious comida tipica (typical food) and it's a great place to eat if you are traveling to Santiago. Here, they serve the wine based drink called terremoto at El Hoyo in pitchers.

This drink is named for its ability to make the earth move for you. More Chile Wine here. Look, too,  for the Chilean version of  Pisco Sour, another drink based on wine, with variations across South America.


El Hoyo restaurant serves traditional Chilean food In Santiago

El Hoyo restaurant exterior view of long time dining room in Santiago Chile.

For traditional Chilean food (comida tipica), we went to El Hoyo, in Santiago.

The restaurant is located just a few blocks from the Metro Central Station.

This homey establishment has been in business since 1912, and is still a busy, friendly spot for good food.

After my trip, I found the restaurant's web site that my guide had used, and it's published in English (See El Hoyo details).

See also this link for googlemaps for El Hoyo at 375 San Vicente Santiago Chile.

Traditional Food in Chile El Hoyo ~ Homestyle Ribs with Pure (Poor-ay)

Plate of typical Food in Chile El Hoyo homestyle ribs with mashed potatoes called pure.

Many foods at El Hoyo are ordered a la carte, so you choose a meat, vegetable or salad, and starch.

The food was seasoned with salt, and served as a whole, very tender, piece.

This meal of homestyle ribs came with a generous serving of creamy mashed potatoes, called pure (Poor-ay) on top of rich brown gravy.

I was pleasantly surprised to find very tasty mashed potatoes throughout Chile and Argentina.

These mashed potatoes are shown on menus as pure (poor-ay), and are mashed with oil or sour cream, and seasoned with herbs like dill.

I liked them so well that now at home, I always make mashed potatoes in the Chilean fashion.

Terremoto / Temblor Drink at El Hoyo ~ Signature wine drink with Pipeno

Pitcher of terremoto at El Hoyo, a wine and ice cream drink house speciality.

A specialty signature drink at El Hoyo is called Terremoto, a combination of the new wine called pipeno (pip-AIN-yo), pineapple juice and vanilla ice cream that is served in pitchers.

The El Hoyo website says they have been making the cool and creamy drink terremoto for over 50 years.

Solo diners can order a smaller version of Terremoto, called Temblor which means 'aftershock'.

My guide also told me about a beer made from grapes called chicha, noting that, in the south of Chile, chicha is made from apples.

And while I am talking about beer, very good traditional style beer as you'd find in North America is widely available.


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