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Gibraltar ~ Travel Pictures & Information

Day Trip to Rock of Gibraltar from Spain, Portugal

monument at gibraltar border with spain.Gibraltar is a holiday destination in its own right, but it's also a popular day trip from Spain, and Portugal's Algarve. See my Gibraltar travel story to see the famous apes and views from the top of the rock.

Gibraltar and Spain are connected by a narrow isthmus, and many visitors walk across this land border past the momument pictured here.

Vehicles -- cars, tour buses, taxis -- usually park on the Spain side of the border. See Googlemap Gibraltar for the layout.

Gibraltar customs offices : Tour vans and taxis wait near here to take visitors to the top of the Rock, then back to Gibraltar town shopping area.

Gibraltar Travel Information ~ A Few Fast Facts For Visitors

How did Gibraltar get its name? It's thought that Gibraltar got its name from Jebel (mountain) and Tarik, the name of a Berber chief. So Jebel - Tarik (say it fast, and drop the 'ik') is now Gibraltar.

Do I need a passport or visa for Gibraltar? Since Gibraltar is not one of the Schengen countries, bring your passport. (List of Schengen countries).

Currency - What Money do they use in Gibraltar? The currency is the Gibraltar Pound (GIP) 1 GIP about $1.74 USD OR $1 USD about .57 GIP. || 1 GIP about 0.91512 GBP OR 1 GBP about 1.09275 GIP

How big is Gibraltar? At just under 6 square kms (2 1/3 sq. mi.), Gibraltar is not large, but the famous Rock dominates views for miles around.

Guide books for Gibraltar Try Gibraltar travel guide book.

Travel Health Is it safe to travel to Gibraltar? Gibraltar is generally considered safe, but check a travel health clinic for current information. See my travel tips section for general travel packing medications.

What Language do they speak in Gibraltar? English is commonly spoken in Gibraltar. If you are also visiting Spain or Portugal, you may want to take along a Spanish phrasebook or Portuguese phrasebook (take both if you can -- they are small and inexpensive, yet a great help at times!)

Driving to Gibraltar From Portugal and Spain is about 5 hours by road from Faro, Portugal, and 2-3 hours drive from Seville or Malaga in Spain (travel maps below) Stay in Gibraltar, Spain or at Algarve hotels.

Maps for Gibraltar, Spain, Portugal Algarve I picked up some brochures in the main Gibraltar town square tourist office, but they are pretty basic. You can get a proper Gibraltar travel map or get a Spain and Portugal travel map. I got an Algarve map before I left, and it helped a lot with driving around this area.

Upper Rock Gibraltar tours are all done by licensed guides. Ask if the tour price includes St. Michael's Caves. I paid 13 GIP for a mini bus tour including the cave (Cash or Visa) though likely fuel charges have resulted in increases.

Gibraltar Taxi tours Private tours with a minimum of 4 people cost 14 GIP per person; ask at border for current info.

Private car tours of Gibraltar At that time, private tours by car cost 7 GIP per person plus 1.50 GIP for the vehicle; fuel prices have increased, so expect higher costs.

Cable car rides to the Rock of Gibraltar See Gibraltar Tickets site for rates.

Three day tours Gibraltar and on to Africa (Tangiers) If you have time, some tours run three days, taking in Gibraltar as well as Tangiers, across the strait. As always, independent travel is an option.

Gibraltar Pictures

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