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beach at Cormier plage Haiti Haiti holidays are usually only a cruise ship stop at Labadie (Labadee), west of Cap-Haitien, for a day in the sun.

Some visitors  stay at nearby Cormier Plage resort (photo), between Cap-Haitien and Labadie.

Most visitors to Haiti, though, are non profit organization volunteers or international aid workers.

If you are traveling to Haiti for relief work, then have a look at how Haiti was, and some cases, still is, before the quake.

If you are traveling to Haiti as a tourist, be sure to book hotels, etc well in advance, but have a back up plan in case the situation changes. See what to pack for a trip to Haiti and Haiti travel information.

Though I had no time to visit the tourist sites of the Citadelle or Sans Souci near Cap-Haitien, others travellers can, and do.

My trip to Haiti started in the Dominican Republic, roughly a seven-hour drive, including stops, from Sosua via the Haiti highway route through the Dajabon DR border crossing then on to Cap-Haitien.

On the return trip, I stopped at Fort Liberte. See also pictures of Haiti art, and my story about this trip at Haiti Travel Story.

Holidays to Haiti were 'all the rage', back when it was known as the 'Pearl of the Antilles'. Hopefully, some day, some how, Haiti will once again be a great travel destination.


Haiti-map of Labadie (Labadee) Fort Liberte, Cap-Haitien Haiti

Google map of Cap-Haitien (4), Labadie (1) and Fort Liberte (C) Haiti


How to get to Haiti

  • From Florida (Miami and Ft. Lauderdale) via Lynx Air (book Lynx early as flights fill up fast).
  • From Turks and Caicos, about 45 minutes away by air from Providenciales, on Air Turks and Caicos (
  • From Montreal, Canada, Air Canada flies to Port-Au-Prince.
  • From the Dominican Republic by road, take a bus from the border, or rent a vehicle in Puerto Plata, Santiago, or Santo Domingo. The border is open only during the day. Several tour companies in Playa Dorada, east of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, offered long one-day tours to go from Puerto Plata to just over the border at Dajabon into Haiti (see Haiti Hwy). When pressed, they stated that was as far as they would go. Tours include a stop at a nearby Haitian school, and a staged voodoo ceremony.
  • From Santiago DR by Caribe Tours bus to Cap-Haitien

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