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Iguazu Falls Maps Argentina Waterfalls Area

An amazing series of waterfalls where Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina meet in South America, Iguazu Falls is one of the world's top natural scenic wonders. From the ground, it's hard to appreciate just how extensive this string of waterfalls is, so I like Google Earth or Google Maps to get a bird's eye view.

Guidebook maps are usually small, hard to read, and printed in grayscale (not in color), but they are just fine for getting an idea of the general layout of an area. Lonely Planet Argentina travel guide is the one I used at the time.

Puerto Iguazu Argentina National Park Brochure With Trailsiguazu Falls Maps park office detail view Argentina

When I arrived in Puerto Iguazu, I found Iguazu National Park brochures with schematic maps of the falls at my hotel as well as at the park office.

Iguazu Falls viewed from Google Earth gives Bird's Eye View Google earth Iguazu Falls Maps.

I think Google Earth is one of the best aerial views of Iguazu Falls as it shows how the borders for the three countries meet near Iguazu Falls, shown here at the bend (bottom, blue) of the Iguazu River.

When you are 'live' on Google Earth, you can zoom in close enough to see the white water cascading over the falls itself.

Google Earth

Iguazu Falls Tourist Maps in Brochures Tourism Argentina brochures with Iguazu Falls Maps..

This is one of the tourist maps I picked up at Iguazu National Park. Devil's Throat Falls is the large waterfalls at the end of the red line (top).

Walking trails -- named Upper Circuit Trail and Lower Circuit Trail in Argentina -- are shown in orange and yellow. The grey and blue map to the upper left across the river are the walking trails on the Brazil side.

In this view, Brazil is to the left across the Iguazu River.


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  • If you don't have Google Earth, then try this link to Google Maps of Iguazu Falls. Be sure to zoom out to about halfway on the zoom slider tool, in terrain view. You can even see boats on the river! Highway RN 12 runs between Puerto Iguazu, Argentina, through Iguazu National Park (Parque Nacional Iguazu) to the Iguazu International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional de Iguazu; airport code IGR - Cataratas Argentina).
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  • See also Google Maps Puerto Iguazu Argentina; Puerto Iguazu, about a half-hour drive from Iguazu Waterfallls, is where many visitors stay for a few nights. For information on Argentina and Iguazu read on:
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