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Mississauga  Ontario Canada is my long time home, and I've taken lots of Mississauga pictures in  Port Credit, of Lake Ontario at the Credit River at Saddington Park; in the  200 years old neighbouring community of Clarkson; trails and fish and fishermen at Erindale Park near UTM (University of Toronto Mississauga) and the historic Glenerin Inn.

Mississauga Pictures Toronto Skyline CN Tower from Port Credit.The rusty looking boat in picture lower left is the Ridgetown.

This old ship was sunk at the mouth of the Credit River as a breakwater.

Toronto's landmark CN Tower makes a lovely view from Saddington Park; the park is a popular wedding photo location.

My Mississauga pictures include Wildlife, though here in Mississauga, it's pretty tame: See this Great Blue Heron.


North Mississauga pictures, videos:

See Erin Mills area at Streetsville, established 150 years ago. You can walk the trail from Erindale Park on Dundas to Streetsville north to the Brampton border.  See also my videos of Mississauga.

Where to Eat | Mississauga Pictures Information

There are some very good Restaurants in Mississauga, and Asian food stores at the Mississauga Chinese Centre.

Mississauga became a city in 1974, when a collection of tidy little villages and neighbourhoods amalgamated including the villages mentioned above, and more: Cooksville (Hurontario and Dundas) and Dixie (Dixie Road and Bloor Street). So have a browse around all my Mississauga pages, and if you still want more, then pop over to the blogs listed below, where I post photos that I take as I walk about the city.

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