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Oriental Food Centre ~ Mississauga Canada

Asian grocery store at Mississauga Chinese Centre

Oriental Food Centre: Mississauga Ontario has several good Asian grocery stores and supermarkets offering local produce as well as foods, fruits and vegetables from around the world. The supermarket I shop at most of the time is the Oriental Food Centre in the Mississauga Chinese Centre. That's because it usually has all the Asian foodstuffs we want, as well as good fresh fruits and vegetables. I took photos of some of the fruit for sale in this market, including chirimoya (custard apple), longans, mangosteens, passion fruit and pitaya (Dragon fruit), but the usual apples, bananas and oranges are usually well-priced, too.

Oriental Food Centre, Sino Mall, Mississauga Chinese Centre   Sino Mall Mississauga Chinese Centre pool, gardens, shops, statues, in front of Oriental Food Centre.

The Oriental Food Centre is located between the Sino Mall and the Nine Dragon Wall, on the west side of the Mississauga Chinese Centre on Dundas, east of Cawthra.

In this picture, Oriental Foods is to the right, just out of the frame. The statuary, koi pond and bridge are a magnet for visitors.

Oriental Food Centre is a very busy Asian supermarket so has a fast turnover of groceries, fresh produce, meats, fish and seafood.

Chirimoya (Custard Apples) at Oriental Food Centre in Mississauga Ontario Boxes of chirimoya and mangoes at Oriental food Centre, Mississauga Ontario.

This box of chirimoya (called Custard Apples in English) marks the first time I have ever seen this tropical fruit offered for sale in Canada!

For many years, I'd known of this fruit from an Austalian friend, but it's fairly delicate, and not suitable for shipping, as a rule.

It was in Santiago Chile where I'd first tasted chirimoya's multi-fruit flavours: The soft fruit tastes a blend of pineapple, pear, apple, citrus and more, all wrapped in a vanilla pudding like center, with a few large seeds.

The fruit was a little mealy, though. Since these chirimoya were brought in from Vietnam, they may be a different variety than the Australian or Chilean chirimoya I'd eaten. Or perhaps, this tropical fruit really does NOT ship well.

Longans from Thailand at Asian Supermarket, Mississauga, Ontario  Boxes and bags of Longans, fruit from Thailand, at Oriental Food Centre in Mississauga, Ontario.

Longans, like lychees, are a favorite fruit, and available much of the year at the various Asian supermarkets in Mississauga.

I'd been looking for similar fruit, called lanzones, reportedly sold here a few weeks earlier, but didn't find any. If you do, please leave me a comment at the bottom with details.

If you haven't eaten longans or lychees before, try some. They aren't expensive, as you can see from the sign in the photo.

Using your fingers, squeeze close to the tip of a longan until the skin cracks, then pop out the sweet fruit inside. The opaque white friut is wrapped around one large, smooth seed.

Mangosteens at Oriental Food Centre, Mississauga Ontario Box filled with mangosteens fruit from Thailand, on sale at Oriental food Centre in Mississauga, Ontario.

Mangosteens are one of those fruits thought to be rich in certain antioxidants.

When you cut carefully through the (bitter) skin and pop off the shell, you expose the fruit segments.

Some of the white segments may have a seed in the center.

The inside of a mangosteen seems to me what would happen if you crossed a lychee or longan with an orange.

Here's a nice site that shows how to open a mangosteen.

Passion Fruit (yellow), Red Plums, and Dragon Fruit Wrapped in Cellophane Boxes of passion fruit, in front of Dragon Fruit and red plums at Oriental Food Centre in Mississauga, Ontario.

I couldn't resist the bright yellow passion fruit, either!

I love its citrus flavor, though I wish I had taken a picture of the insides.

Let's just say if you are ever filming a movie and need a prop that looks kind of gross, like a mass of fish eyes, then get yourself a passion fruit.

When you cut the leathery skin, the center is a mass of dark seeds, all covered in an opaque white fruit.

I eat the seeds with the fruit, much like eating a pomegranate.

Pitaya (Pitahaya Rojo) Dragon Fruit at Oriental Market Oriental Food Center in Mississauga shelves with boxes of Pitaya (pitahaya rojo), Dragon Fruit and longans.

I know and enjoy Dragon fruit, and these fruits labeled Pitaya look similar.

Since Dragon fruit was set out and labeled as such nearby, I think this is a different variety of the same fruit; perhaps with a red center.

Dragon fruit, that I first tasted years ago in Hong Kong, is fairly bland, not as sweet as longans and lychees.

The fruit, with its many tiny black seeds, reminds me of kiwi fruit.

if you visit the Mississauga Chinese Centre, do pop into this Asian supermarket. It's an education just to walk the aisles and look at all the foods.

What I like almost as much as shopping here is how the mall and stores and restaurants remind me of Hong Kong and China. A 'overseas' trip without having to get on a plane!


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