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Picnic Backpack ~ Take Along Food Tips

Daytrip Picnic Ideas & Tips

Day trips and picnics go hand in hand, and a picnic backpack is one of the handiest things to have.  A hands-free supply of food and water, and camera at hand, hiking outdoors in the fresh air: A perfect day! And whether I am at home in Canada, or on the road, be it on foot, in a car or bus, or on the plane, I always carry food and water. Like a boy scout, Be Prepared!

Hiking day trip Ontario Canada Fall, backpackers.

Where in the world do you hike?

Hiking trails on a day trip are ususally out in the country and are not close to places to eat or buy food, I bring my own.

But I've picnicked all over the world, now that I think of it.

Like in Ethiopia, on a long day's drive that we knew would not offer any places to stop and eat, we brought along simple foods to have for lunch. We had enough to share with local children who came over to have a look at us.

In Portugal's Algarve, day trips by road to the coast and interior were far from restaurants, so we brought simple, non-perishable foods for our picnic. See also Picnic food ideas.

But even when you are close to places to eat, like in London or Paris, how much nicer to have a picnic in a park! Cheaper, too :-)

A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and all that . . .

Day trip couple walking along forest trail in Ontario, Canada.

At home or abroad: Take picnic food

On organized day trips, in places where there are stops for food along the way, like the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica or Chiie, or when lunch is included with the tour, I still pack a picnic. Why?  Often we get hungry when it's a long time until lunch!

And hungry tourists are not happy tourists.

If you are up before 6 a.m. and have a light breakfast, then head out for the day, it is often well past noon when you get lunch.

That's a long time between meals, especially if you've been stopping along the way to do a bit of walking.

But it's not that I am just a snackaholic: Taking a picnic backpack on most day trips is a smart idea in case something goes awry.

Say the tour bus runs into heavy traffic or breaks down, or you have car trouble, or any of a host of reasons that things don't go the way you thought they would.

How much better to be able to open your pack and share a snack.

Picnic Backpack food ideas include grapes, cheese, eggs and bread.

Water Water Everywhere

Water is a must, too. Always carry water, on any day trips in hot weather or cold.

I ususally make do with my regular travel backpack. It's a little larger than I need for day trips, plus it isn't insulated.

In summer or hot climates, my drinking water gets warm; in winter, I have to wrap it so it won't freeze.

I found some on Amazon to show you what a proper picnic backpack is like:

There's this one > Dakine Coast Cooler Backpack, and one in a bright lime green > Zuma Insulated Cooler Backpack.

But this is one has a freezer pack > OGIO Freezer Cooler Pack. Surprisingly, they seem to cost less than I thought they would. Go figure.

And it occurs to me that a picnic backpack not just for when I'm on a day trip. It should come in handy for bringing home groceries that need to be kept cool, or keep the bananas from freezing in the winter! Now if only I can find one that can replace my travel pack!

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