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Portugal Menhirs Algarve Travel

Stone monoliths Western Algarve

Portugal Menhirs? What on earth are they? That's what I wondered when I saw menhirs mentioned in an Algarve tourism brochure in Sagres, Western Algarve Portugal while on a day trip from Albufeira to Cape St. Vincent. Stone Monoliths, that's what they are! I found these near Vila do Bispo. Menhirs are thought to have been used as signposts, or symbolic links to fertility gods. If you go, pack a lunch and have a picnic!

Upright Menhir east of Vila do Bispo Algarve PortugalUpright Menhir East of Vila do Bispo algarve portugal.

After several days spent trying to track down the elusive Portugal menhir, and after finding a goodly number broken and supine, I finally found this lovely specimen.

It's not that I spent every waking minute looking for one, but over the course of several weeks, as I passed through this area, thoughts of menhirs occupied my mind.

Ancient fertility symbols, apparently, are not thick on the ground.

My Favourite Portugal Menhir ~ East of Vila do Bispo My Favourite Portugal Menhir  is a stone monolith overlooking a valley in algarve portugal.

This is the same menhir shown above.


In the background of this picture, you can see the road that leads to the main highway to Vila Do Bispo.

This is east of Vila do Bispo, about about 20 kms (12.5 miles), then turn south, towards the ocean, and go a few bumpy kilometres along the secondary road shown here.

After several hours earlier that day spent walking among broken down menhirs, I was thrilled to find this one upright, as the builder intended.

Broken Down Menhir ~ Portugal Western AlgarveBroken Down Menhir in algarve portugal with Markings showing ancient symbols and writing.

Most of these menhirs, found in situ in a field near Vila Do Bispo, have indeed seen better days.

Some menhirs can be difficult to spot among other rocks; check for markings.

The village council office offers brochures with a map of the eight menhirs to be found there.

There was ongoing construction at the gate to the field, so perhaps it is better marked by now.

Menhirs in Fields near Vila do Bispo Portugal walking tour through the Menhir fields South of Vila do Bispo algarve portugal.

Wildflowers dot this menhir field, a lonesome but lovely spot, not far from and south of Vila do Bispo.

I wandered for several hours, and never did find one of the menhirs listed on the map.

Later, I learned it is hidden amidst a mound of shrubbery that I had been standing beside.

Take a lunch and something to drink, as if you want to walk to all the menhirs in this field allow several hours.

The paths are often overgrown, and there is some distance between each menhir.

'Moonscape' menhir near Vila Do Bispo Portugal'Moonscape' menhir rock features make it look like something from outer space, near  Vila Do Bispo portugal.

More moonscape than monolith, close up view.

When I look at this menhir, it brings to mind looking at the full moon through a telescope.

* * * * *

Local cheeses, breads, wine and olives are readily available in towns and restaurants are few and far between out here.

I hope these pictures of Portugal menhir will help you find them when you visit!

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