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Rock Glen Arkona Ontario Conservation Area

Water Falls, Fossils, Walking Trails, Museum, Carolinian Forest

Rock Glen Arkona Ontario Conservation Area offers waterfalls, walking trails through the Carolinian forest, and Devonian era fossils in situ and in the on-site Arkona Lions Museum. Located on the Ausable River at Arkona, Ontario (see this google map of Rock Glen Road for location), Rock Glen Conservation Area is administered by the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority, one of 36 conservation areas in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) in southernOntario.

Rock Glen Falls Conservation Area makes a fine day trip from Toronto, Hamilton, London ON, or Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, or from Michigan. More conservation area pictures at Credit Valley, Hamilton waterfalls, Rattlesnake Point and Crawford Lake and Iroquoian Village, in Halton Conservation Authority. See more Ontario Day Trips.

Rock Glen Waterfalls on Ausable River near Arkona, Ontario Ontario Conservation Area Rock Glen Falls waterfalls.

This conservation area is especially interesting to those who want to learn more about the last Ice Age that shaped Ontario.

As well as fossils, the museum displays Native Indian artefacts dating back 10,000 years; the conservation area has remains of homes and mills built by the first settlers.

From the parking lot beside the Arkona Lions museum, the trails lead visitors to Rock Glen Falls.

Take the stairs and boardwalks and cross the bridge to explore the glen and the base of the 10.7 m (35 ft) high water fall.

There are picnic tables around the upper falls area, and washrooms in the main building.

Fossils in Sandstone At Rock Glen Falls Conservation Area Ontario Fossil sandstone bank Rock Glen Falls, Arkona Ontario conservation authority

The Arkona Lions Museum houses the collection of fossils but visitors can explore the glen area near the waterfalls to look for more.

Visitors are not allowed to dig in the river bed gravel, but, if you find some fossils just lying there, you can keep one as a souvenir.

As the water flows over the top of the glen over the layers of earth, rock and glacial till, it continually exposes new fossils that date to the Devonian era about 350 million years ago.

Rock Glen Conservation Area is a popular day field trip for American students from Ohio and Michigan, with some Canadian students coming from Toronto and Mississauga.

Another view of Rock Glen Falls ~ Ausable-Bayfield Conservation Authority Another view of Rock Glen Water Falls, near Arkona, Ontario in the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority.

Rock Glen Falls ,with its cooling spray, is a great place to spend a hot summer afternoon!

Follow the river below the falls, and you'll come to the remnants of the c1907 hydro dam that made it possible for the village of Arkona, Ontario, to be one of the first in the province (and, by extension, in all of Canada) to be fully electrified, in 1907.

Rock Glen Conservation Area is open daily from April to the end of October; the Arkona Lions' Museum is open daily noon to 5 p.m. until September, then on weekends only, or by appointment year round.

Do check the Conservation Authority (contact info) for confirmation.

Arkona village is located on what's known in geologic circles as the Wyoming Moraine, formed when the Wisconsin glacier retreated after the last Ice Age about 16,000 years ago.

Much of the Ontario lands along Lake Huron, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario areas were the shorelines or under the waters of a vast inland sea, and many fossils are found in local stones.

Fossil Rock Dates to Devonian Era in Mississauga Ontario Devonian era fossil rock found in Mississauga Ontario backyard.

I came across it when digging a new flower bed at the back of my house in Erin Mills, Mississauga. I washed it off and brought it inside.

I took it with me to Rock Glen Conservation Area to show the education technician, who confirmed it was about 350 million years old.

The circled area in the picture shows a clam shell like imprint, that I was told is a brachiopod.

I was then and still am thrilled to bits to have this fossil rock and the one pictured below!

If you are in Mississauga, stop by the historic Glenerin Inn and take a close look at the Credit River stone used to build the walls, and you'll see similar fossil imprints.

Another Devonian era fossil from ny back yard in Mississauga, Ontario Another Devonian era fossil rock found in Mississauga Ontario backyard.

This fossilized coral in the picture is about the size of an human head.

It's fairly heavy, needing both hands to lift, and pockmarked with depressions and imprints.

At the Arkona museum, look for these types of fossils, as well as one slice of sandstone with a startlingly clear impression of a tiny starfish in perfect conditon, one of only 8 in the world (though more may have since been found).

Also on display was a large round stone called a 'kettle' but more correctly named a concretion.

These kettles are found near the lakeshore west of Arkona, at a place called (surprise!) Kettle Point.

And so back on the road I went, to see more concretions at Kettle Point on Lake Huron.


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