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Saddington Park Fishing Mississauga Port Credit

Salmon Running Lake Ontario Credit River Bring Out the Fishermen

Saddington Park Fishing : While Saddington Park and the banks of the Credit River in the Port Credit area of Mississauga are popular fishing spots much of the year, in September, when the salmon are running, it's standing room only on the riverbank here in Port Credit's Saddington Park across from Snug Harbour restaurant, south of the landmark lighthouse. Another spot to see salmon running is at Erindale Park, with salmon fishing in September (videos), and in Streetsville.

Saddington Park Fishing at Sunrise Port Credit Mississauga Ontario Sunrise over Lake Ontario September fishing on Saddington Park Credit River.

The Credit River is open to fishing (except when it's not) between Lake Ontario and the south side of Highway 403 just north of Burhamthorpe Road bridge.

And fishing is not allowed on the pier shown in the picture, right, which is on the east side of the Credit River (J J Plaus Park that runs behind Snug Harbour).

This is down to City of Mississauga, who don't want people snared by fishing hooks.

Credit River at Lake Ontario ~ September Sunrise Fishing for Salmon Fishing along Credit River at dawn, with fishing boat off shore Lake Ontario.

The Credit River is closed to fishing between the south side of Hwy. 403 (north of Burhamthorpe Road bridge) AND the south side of Britannia Road.

No fishing in the Credit River between (roughly) Burnhamthorpe Road and Britannia Road as this part of the Credit River is a fish sanctuary.

No fishing between January 1 and the Friday before 4th Saturday in April AND from August 15 to December 31. See Ministry Natural Resources site for Ontario fishing regulations.

Saddington Park Fishing on Credit River at Lake Ontario Saddingto Park Fishing along the Credit River early morning sunshine.

But as for when the salmon started running this summer, I could tell by the sudden increase in the number of fishermen along the River.

One Saturday, I counted 21 men fishing (no women, for some reason), and those were only the ones I could see.

More people are fishing around the point of Saddington Park, shown in this photo, and along the shores of Lake Ontario.

One fisherman said he caught a 14 pound salmon on the breakwater off the Waterfront Trail at the Petro Canada Lands west of here.

Sunrise Over Port Credit Marina in Port Credit Mississauga Ontario Sunrise over Lake Ontario Toronto lights up the Port Credit marina boats.

This gorgeous sunrise greets the men fishing on a chilly September morning.

Fishermen can be seen all times of day and night along the Credit River here, near the Port Credit lighthouse, and north past Erindale Park.

And boats small and large float in the mouth of the river, and out into Lake Ontario, with men with lines casting for salmon.

Lone Fisherman on Credit River across from Marina Mississauga Lone man fishing Saddington Park Mississauga Ontario, before Salmon start running in September.

This lone fisherman at dawn is the more usual site along the River during the summer.

Spring and summer fishermen told me they were fishing for catfish (in the backwater just at the Saddington Park / Front Street South entrance) as well as carp.

Salmon Running: I did see one very dead salmon lying on the boardwalk at Saddington Park.

When I asked the young man with a rod why this fish was out of water if he intended to eat it, or why he didn't catch and release it, he told me this odd story.

He blamed the two younger boys (about age 13 and age 7) who were hanging about watching him fish for killing it. He said they had gouged its eyes out and bled it out before he could release it.

Such a beautiful fish, about 18 inches long, and about 5 pounds, dead for nothing but the amusement of a two young boys clearly in need of adult supervision.

Where is Saddington Park located?

Saddington Park is bounded on the south by Lake Ontario, on the east by the Credit River, on the west by Mississauga Road South, and on the north by Lake Street, in the Port Credit area of Mississauga.

Go south of Lakeshore Road West on Front Street South of the Lighthouse, or south on Mississauga Road South to the Saddington Park parking lots. Street parking is also available on one side of Front Street that runs along the Credit River.

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