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Thai holiday Bangkok, Floating Market, River Kwai tours

Thailand country information for travel page. A young monk enters a temple in Bangkok. Thailand: is  about a 3.5 hour flight from Hong Kong, the Cathay hub for my travel pass that included 'free' flights to many other cities and countries. I used it to go on  side trips to Bangkok and Hainan China, as well as to fly return to Australia.

This impromptu trip to Bangkok and the Floating Market, then out to the River Kwai and Hellfire Pass was a highlight that makes me want to return, stay longer, and see more of it!

Thailand package holidays often include a half-day city tour the capital, Bangkok, where international air flights land. If you are traveling independently, day trips and longer tours from Bangkok are easy to arrange.

Thailand's temples are among Asia's most popular tourist attractions. Come prepared to take many photos. The Floating Market and the ethnic arts show at the Rose Garden theme park, with stops to see Thai wood carvers is one popular day trip from Bangkok.

Another popular day trip from Bangkok is the Kanchanaburi train along the River Kwai. Plan for a few days' stay in Kanchanaburi and area if you can, to visit Hellfire Pass. North from the River Kwai Village Resort; as part of a day trip stop at the caves, we also toured a small orchard with tropical fruits. Related: Thai vacations travel story.

Full days tours include lunch. Pick up times are early -- around 6:30 a.m. TIP: Half day tours return to Bangkok around 2 p.m. and full day tours around 5 p.m., though due to the heavy rush hour traffic, it may take another two hours to reach your hotel. If your visit coincides with one of the many Buddhist festivals, you may observe one of the evening ceremonies that include candlelit containers being set afloat on area rivers.

Thailand Travel Information

What Language do they speak in Thailand? The official language is Thai; but English is commomly spoken at major hotels, tours, etc. (Or get a Thai Phrasebook if you will be travelling around Thailand)

What Currency (Money) do they use inThailand? In Thailand, they use the Thai baht (THB). Rates fluctuate; about 1 THB = 2 US cents OR $1 USD = 41.08 THB See also travel currency tips.

Do I need a Visa for Thailand? Most short-term visitors do NOT require a visa. Check online for Thailand visa from your home country - see Do I need a visa? (see also travel documents tips)

Travel Health Issues - What Shots do I need for Thailand? Check with a travel health clinic for the latest information, as health issues can change rapidly as was the case with avian flu and SARS, and now with H1N1. Make sure the usual vaccinations are up to date before you travel, and that you carry your vaccination records with you. See Travel Tips vaccinations page.

Is the Water Safe to Drink? Generally assume in Thailand (and anywhere you travel) that the water is not safe to drink, and carry bottled water. Ask at your hotel, as they will have current information or their own water system.

Is it safe to travel to Thailand? Check with UK, USA, Australia, Canada governments for any new travel advisories - links at Disclaimer page.

Airport in Bangkok International flights to and from Bangkok (BKK) now arrive and depart from the new Suvarnabhumi Airport about 30 km (18.6 miles) east of Bangkok. Like many airports in Asia, Bangkok has good security, IMHO. They screen everyone coming into the airport building. Luggage is scanned, and passengers and their documents are checked. Only then are people allowed to proceed to the check-in counters. After checking in and getting your boarding pass, you will have to go through security again to go to the boarding lounges. See also travel tips section. The Bangkok Airport Train line is now open. See Details at Bangkok Aorport Train site.

What's the weather like in Thailand? I traveled to Thailand in mid November and the countryside was lush green, and the weather was clear and dry, but very humid and very hot. Locals remarked that the rainy season with cooler temperatures was long overdue that year. A friend traveled to the same cities and hotels in early February a year later, and found the trees were dry and leafless.

Tip: Google 'weather thailand' or 'weather bangkok' etc and google will show the forecast.

  • Thailand theme Notebooks, Journals, etc See notebooks-journal page..
  • What side of the road do they drive on in Thailand? In Thailand, they drive on the left.
  • What to pack, what to wear Thailand For Thailand pack basically the same travel wardrobe for a holiday to Domincan or any resort area.