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Travel the World With Timeshares

Explore the Globe Timeshare Vacations (Sponsored Guest Post)

Hong  Kong Tsim Sha Tsui Duk ling antique junk From China's famous Great Wall to the powdery ski slopes of Canada, ours is a vast and diverse world hiding vacation opportunities at every turn. One way to ensure that you'll be able to explore the globe year after year is to buy timeshare. Many frequent travelers might shy away from timeshares for fear that a vacation property will tie them down to one location for the rest of their contract, but in fact, the opposite is true.

One of the biggest benefits of timeshares is their flexibility. In fact, it's estimated that some 70% of timeshare owners use their property to travel to locales outside that of their home resort. Before I get into the details of timeshare travel, I'll first discuss the basics of how timeshares work.

Here's How it Works

Essentially, a timeshare is a way for individuals to share the economic responsibility of owning a vacation property. When you buy timeshares, you're actually buying a share of time (generally one week) every year or every other year at the resort or vacation club you choose. Other owners will also purchase time at this resort and will use it when you're not. With so many owners "pitching in" the cost to the individual is significantly reduced while the amenities and appointments are generally of greater quality than would be found in a hotel room of similar quality. Thus, timeshares tend to be more convenient and cost-effective than renting a hotel room every time you embark on a new journey.

Find a Locale you Love

port douglas australia beach and palm trees Now, if you've found a vacation destination that you've fallen in love with, like the shores of your favorite Australian beach or the jutting limestone mountains of Yangshou, China, it makes sense to purchase a timeshare there so that you can return again and again. There are timeshares for sale all over the world, so finding one that you'll want to return to again and again will be easy.

Your property will be secured for you when you want to use it, and you'll always be confident that it will be ready and well appointed upon your return. However, as discussed above, if you find yourself wanting to use your annual vacation to travel somewhere new and different, it's as simple as trading your week in with an exchange company. Provided that your timeshare is affiliated one of these companies, like RCI or Interval International, you can easily trade your vacation in Australia or China for a week in say, Malaysia or Fiji.

Or Travel Anywhere You Desire

The above method is the most traditional form of timeshare ownership and, while it provides a great deal of flexibility, new forms of timeshare ownership have begun cropping up to accommodate the vacationer who's not comfortable with assigning themselves to one location. These new methods are called vacation clubs.

A vacation club works much like a traditional timeshare in that they'll still allot owners an increment of time every year or every other year, however they differ in that they won't assign owners to a specific resort. Rather, every year the owner will be allowed to choose their destination from a broad array of resorts all over the world, within the network. That means that, with a vacation club, you can travel to Aspen, Colorado one year, and the pyramids of Egypt the next. As such, timeshares can take you all over the world.

Buy Resale to Save Thousands

If you're interested in finding a timeshare, but aren't quite sure where to begin your search, you might try the online timeshare resale market. There are thousands of timeshares for sale online and when you purchase resale you can often save up to 80% off the resort pricing.