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Tomaree Head Port Stephens NSW Australia

Shoal Bay Tomaree Park Lookout Walking Trail Pictures

Sign at the start of trail up Tomaree Head, Port Stephens, Australia. Tomaree Head in Shoal Bay Port Stephens, north of Sydney, NSW, Australia, is a small mountain headland that guards the south entrance to Port Stephens Nelson Bay.

I'd walked about 7 km from my hotel in Nelson Bay that morning; but there is a bus if like me, you aren't driving.

This sign in the picture is located at the start of the trail at the east end of Shoal Bay Road where it ends at the car park, and park entrance.

It's photographed through glass, so a bit hard to see with the reflection, but I think it gives you a good idea of the size and the trails on Tomaree Head.

There is no admission entrance fee to walk the trails.

I took the stairs and paths that led to the top lookout, and didn't take the side trails to the WWII gun emplacements.

Tomaree Head is part of Tomaree National Park that half-circles the Port Stephens community of Shoal Bay. From where you see this sign, you'll also see the directions to Zenith Beach trail.

Brick Pavers Mark Start of Trail Walk up Tomaree Head, Shoal Bay Port StephensLower trail up Tomaree Head Port Stephens NSW Australia, with hikers heading up to the lookout.

It had been sprinkling rain all morning and very humid.

Do take water with you, and perhaps a snack, and make a pit stop first as there are no facilities once you start the trail.

And while I do have pictures of a few of the dozens of large (1-2 inches wide) spiders that seem to favor this area for stringing their webs, as a courtesy to the squeamish among us, I will not post them here.

But a word to the wise: If it seems you are the first person on this trail of a morning, then hold a stick in front of you like a flagpole so that you don't walk face first into a web.

Trail to Tomaree Head Lookout Metal Walkways and Stairs ~ Port Stephens NSW Boardwalk and stairs on Tomaree Head lookout trail, Shoal Bay Port Stephens Australia.

Much of the lower sections of the trail were stair-free ramps but do mind your footing as this rainforest type trail walking means paths can be very slippery with leaf debris and moisture.

Where the trail climbs steeply, or crosses gorges, you'll find sturdy metal walkways and stair cases.

Some are so narrow that you will have to give way to oncoming trail walkers.

I find that going UP a trail is tougher than walking down; people with knee problems find the reverse. Plan accordingly.

Tomaree Head East Lookout Over Port Stephens Offshore Islands, Tasman Sea Tomaree Head Lookout over Tasman Sea, Port Stephens NSW Australia.

For as hot and humid as the walk up the trail, as cool and refreshing were the strong breezes at the top, on the east side.

We had to hang onto hats, if we had them, and brace ourselves looking down over the railing.

At this lookout, I chatted with a couple who lived in Shoal Bay, and climbed to the top of Tomaree Head several times a week, just for exercise.

Brought to mind a lady I met in Blue Mountains who climbed the Furber Steps in Katoomba.

Also at this lookout at the time of my visit was a middle aged man having serious breathing and chest issues, who sat and drank water for some long minutes while his family watched in concern.

It would take any rescue services a bit of time to get up here. Just saying.

Lookout Tomaree Head Panoramic Views Offshore Islands ~ Port Stephens NSW Tomaree Head lookout panoramic views of Pacific Ocean, NSW Australia.

This lookout faces south, and out of the onshore breezes (winds) on the eastern facing lookout, above.

The spiders own the trees and shrubs just off the path between the two main lookout points, so keep an eye out.

Other visitors made reference to Arachnophobia.

(Seriously, I counted about 50 large spiders and webs before I got a massive attack of the willies, and started back down the trail.)

Not far from the top lookout, you can see three major beaches south of Tomaree Head: Zenith Beach, Wreck Beach and Box Beach.

Tomaree Head FAQs: (SeeĀ Tomaree National Park site for more info, map)

  • Average time to walk to the top: 30 minutes
  • Elevation: 161 meters (528 feet)
  • The South Headland of Port Stephens harbour

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