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Travel Skirts

Long, short, fabrics, colors: How to choose a skirt for travel

Travel skirts are a good alternate to travel pants in your travel wardrobe provided you like to wear skirts. Here's how to choose your travel skirts to mix and match with travel shirts), tips on good fabrics, good colors and styles for travel skirts and how many to pack for a trip (3). These travel tips are for those who travel light, but are good guidelines for all types of trips.

Reasons to Pack (long or knee-length) travel skirts Travel skirts tips, with a blue tulle skirt graphic image.

  • Travel skirts make it easier to use restrooms, especially outdoor or squat toilets you may come across in rural China. I wore a long skirt on a trip to Haiti and it worked well for this.
  • Travel skirts can be cooler in hot climates.
  • Travel skirts can help you blend into cultures where women wear skirts (Sri Lanka, Ethiopia., Haiti, Thailand.
  • Some believe skirts are required in some deeply religious countries like Ethiopia. For the record, we women all wore long pants and were considered acceptably dressed, even in the churches.
  • TIP: Avoid Short Travel Skirts. Culture-wise, very short skirts (mini) may send strangers a message you may not intend. People you meet may not say anything, but revealing clothing may make them uncomfortable, and interfere with your getting to know them. If you will be at a resort for a week or two, you'll likely get more use from a sun dress.

How many travel skirts to pack | One Week, One Month or Longer

The same travel wardrobe guidelines apply to travel skirts as apply to travel pants:

  • Three Travel Skirts One you are wearing, and two spares shoud do nicely for trips of any length as long as they are in neutral colors that match every one of your travel shirts. For longer trips, you will need to wash them so be sure -- before you leave home -- that they launder well and don't need ironing.

Good Colors for Travel Skirts

There are two ways to choose colors for travel skirts: Solid or Print depending on your travel tops. You can mix and match solid color and print travel skirts as long as your travel shirts and tops go with both types.

  • Choose Neutral, Solid Colors in darker shades (Black, tan, brown, navy or dark blue). These colors won't show dirt or travel grime as much as white or lighter shades will.
  • Choose soft print skirts patterns and colors if your tops are solid color T-shirts and blouses.
  • See How to Pack a Suitcase page for pictures of the colors, etc I packed for a trip.
  • TIP White travel skirts: White is an option for resort wear, evening wear only, when you are not as likely to get dirty. White is not a good choice for tours or travel in dry dusty climates  such as Ethiopia, or a tour of the pyramids. In dusty, sandy desert areas, white clothing will show so much dust and sand that it will turn beige and tan color You will have to rinse out white clothing or put it in a bag before you can  pack it in your suitcase.

Good Fabrics for Travel Skirts

  • High tech, fast-dry, breathable, wrinkle-proof fabrics work well.
  • Cotton is good, if it's the type that doens't wrinkle like mad.
  • Crinkle cotton can work extremely well for travel. It's easy to rinse out at night, and not worry about ironing.
  • Rayon is light and washes and dries  well. See also Sarongs worn as skirts.

Travel Skirt Fabrics to Avoid

The skirts  made especially for travel are preferred over regular fashion skirts for the reasons outlined above. Fashion skirts fabrics and styles are not good for travel except, perhaps, for business trips because:

  • Linen wrinkles too much, in my experience, to be worth taking on a trip.
  • Denim Think long and hard before choosing denim travel skirts. Heavy weight denim (light, dark, any color) can be stiff, and take forever to dry unless you send it to the hotel laundry.
  • Heavy fabrics (denim, wool): Skirts made from heavy fabrics (you can tell by holding it) take up a lot of room in your suitcase and a lot of your baggage allowance.
  • Avoid skirt styles that are volumous -- made with a large amount of fabric -- as they need  a lot of suitcase room. (Don't pack bathrobes either. Same reason.)

See Examples of Travel Skirts

To see examples of the type of travel skirts I am talking about, have a look at them online at See styles of travel skirts on Amazon. There are some nice longer length skirts there.

Look for travel skirts in neutral colors to coordinate with other travel clothing; or choose a print skirt if your tops are solid colors.

Here's a Royal Robbins travel skirt in several different colors with a hem pocket that would work, and Travel Skirt in a Sand Color. [Scroll down to see more styles of travel skirts on that page, including some nice dressier wrap ones in silk..]

Reversible Travel Dress

travel dress

I happened to see this travel dress on Amazon. It's reversible, with a few color choices. Click image for details.

Though it's made from polyester, it could work well in a travel wardrobe. Wide straps, too.

Alone or with a light cardigan as a jacket for evening or meetings.

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