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Snapshot Journeys ~ Travel Stories

Behind the Travel Pictures ~ People, Places, Wildlife

Snapshot Journeys are fast 'photo trips'. But if you want to get a wider view, here are a few of my travel stories to get you started -- most of them have pictures, too!

Grab a cuppa or a glass of wine, and travel the world! Remember that travel is a highly individual experience. Even if you are traveling with a companion, each of you will have markedly different reactions and accounts about the same trip!


You thought the nightclubs were great! She/he wanted early nights.

You wanted to shop till you dropped! She/he wanted to see all the museums.

You love trying new foods; She/he is a fussy eater.

You get bored lying on a beach all day; She/he is happiest with surf and sand, and sunscreen

And so it goes. It's hard enough to find a travel companion who wants to travel to the same destination as you, and at the same time. Harder, still, to find one with the same interests and goals.

And so. here are my travel stories; on most of these trips, I traveled solo. But even traveling solo, you are not alone: You meet the most amazing people!

Here are some of my Travel Stories

Cairns Travel Story : In Far North Queensland, Australia, stinger season can put a damper on your fun, but the local Aussies more than make up for that.

Canada Maple Syrup : Ontario Maple syrup festivals and demonstrations give a sweet glimpse of an important part of Canada's heritage.

Kangaroo Island Travel Story Off Australia's south coast, not far from Adelaide, it's wildlife and laid-back lifestyle, and Remarkable Rocks

Santiago Chile Travel Story Wine country, great food, great people, and great scenery mean a great holiday vacation spot!

Dominican Republic Travel Story Stir yourself from the beaches, and take some day trips from around Puerto Plata and Sosua beaches to take a dip at inland waterfalls, cigar factories and historic churches

Ethiopia travel Story What's it like to live in Ethiopia as a volunteer? Meet Canadians Bob and Sue Black and their family who made a difference in Bahir Dar

Gibraltar Pillar of Hercules Barbary macaques -- the famous apes on the Rock of Gibraltar -- aren't the only ones acting like animals. Gibraltar tours are a good day trip from the Algarve or Spain.

Haiti Travel Story Can Haiti regain its title of Pearl of the Antilles? Perhaps, with our help. A road trip from Sosua DR to Cap-Haitien and Labadee.

Portugal travel Long stay destination or getaway vacation, head to the Western Algarve for a great trip.

Thai Vacations story Thailand's Hellfire Pass memorial will tug at your heart strings

China Provinces travel story Bus trip from Nanning to Wuzhou

China Tours Travel Story Haikou Hainan A great side trip from Hong Kong!