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Travel Wardrobe Algarve Portugal Algarve Portugal beach image - travel wardrobe tips information page.

What to pack for travel to Algarve Portugal, whether you are going for one week, two weeks, even a month or longer, is basically the same as it would for any trip.

(See Travel Clothing Pages for specific items, safety and luggage etc.)

The longer the trip, though, the more likely you should plan to do laundry :-) For longstays in the Algarve, this shouldn't be a problem. Here's an overview of what to pack for Algarve.

Packing for Algarve: Pants, Skirts, Shorts

You need only 3 basic 'bottoms' items for the foundation of your travel wardrobe:

3 pairs travel pants OR 3 travel skirts OR a combination of both, in a lightweight, fast dry, wrinkle resistant fabric. If the travel pants convert to capris or shorts, so much the better. If they don't, and you plan to spend a lot of time on the beach, or if you will be traveling to the Algarve during the hot summer months, then take along one or two pairs of lightweight capris OR shorts (maximum 5 bottoms).

TIP 1 Choose neutral colors that will coordinate with every one of your tops (This is important. See example, pictures here).
TIP 2 Of the three basic travel pants or travel skirts, wear one when in transit; This will free up room in your suitcase.

Travel Tops, Blouses, Shirts, T-shirts, Jacket (1 only)

Tops, blouses, shirts, T-shirts 7-10 total items: Once you have chosen your travel pants or skirts, the  'bottoms', then decide which of your tops will coordinate with all the bottoms. Lay your pants, skirts, shorts or capris on your bed, then bring out the tops. For each top (blouse, T-shirt, golf shirt, etc., place it on each of the bottoms in turn to see how well they go together. This exercise will weed out tops that do not match all the bottoms.

Do the math: 3 bottoms X 7 tops = 21 outfits (wardrobe combinations). These were enough clothes for a month's travel around South America, (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay) or Asia (Thailand, China, Australia).

Jacket (1 or 2) If you need a business type jacket or blazer, make sure it coordinates with your travel pants or skirt. For all travelers, pack a lightweight jacket for rainy weather,  chilly nights or boat trips.

TIP 1 Wear the jacket in transit to save room in your suitcase.
Make sure the tops are fast drying, breathable, comfortable, and wrinkle-free.

Travel Shoes, Hiking Shoes, Sandals, Golf Shoes

You'll need at least 2 pairs of shoes, or 3 pairs if you plan to golf.

Walking / Hiking Shoes (1 pair) You'll need comfortable walking shoes for the steep cobbled streets, exploring ruins like the menhirs, cliff paths, and the outdoor farm markets, as well as for any tours you take, such as to Gibraltar. I love my my MBTs (black) - (see more MBTs styles on Amazon US), with their good gripping sole. They are bulky, though, so I wear them on the plane rather than take up room in my suitcase.

TIP 1 High performance shoes like the MBTs take a few weeks to get used to. Buy ahead of time.
Tuck socks into corners of your suitcase, or stuff them into shoes.
Put shoes in a small plastic bag to keep wardrobe clean.

Sandals (1 pair): For walking around your hotel, or going out to dinner, or on the beach, take along a pair of fairly flat sandals that coordinate with all your travel pants or skirts.

Heels / dress shoes: If you plan to go clubbing, or out to dinner (ie you won't be walking long distances), then ladies may want to slip a pair of strappy heels into their suitcase; men can take along a pair of mens loafers to wear at night instead of sandals or sneakers.

Golf Shoes (1 pair): If you plan to golf in the Algarve, make room for your shoes. If you are also taking your own golf clubs, try to fit the golf shoes (and socks!) into the bag, which will be checked luggage.

TIP Make sure you try on your pants, skirts, shorts and capris with all pairs shoes to see how they look (bulky sneakers like my MBTs with capris is not a good look), and how the shoe height affects the pant leg length..

Sleepwear (Pajamas, Jammies), Swimming Suit (cozzie), Cover up

Sleepwear (jammies): Pack one or two items that you can sleep in, such as a longer T-shirt that can also be worn as a top if you need to, or a lightweight nightgown.

Swimming suit (1 or 2) and Coverup: Pack one or two, depending on how much time you plan to spend on the beach or in the pool; it's nice to have a dry swimsuit to change in to. The Algarve has miles of wonderful beaches, though if you travel November to February, the weather may be too cool to spend a lot of time seaside or poolside.

Take along a top that can double as a coverup if you will need one when you are going from your hotel room to the pool or jacuzzi, and walking along on the beach.

TIP Pack at least one swimsuit in your carryon luggage. Swimsuits are small and light, and wrinkle-free, and very hard to replace easily if your bags are lost or delayed.

Basic Algarve Portugal Travel Wardrobe

These are the travel wardrobe basics for traveling light (one small suitcase only, plus a backpack or daypack for carryons). Have a look at the Related pages for additional information about how to pack for a trip to the Algarve.

Show Me Links on (the US site has more items than Amazon Canada, UK etc. so you can see what types of clothing I am talking about.) >> See Black travel pants, ExOfficio Women's Bugsaway Ziwa Convertible Pant, ExOfficio Savvy Skirt, and Coolibar UPF 50+ Women's Travel Tunic - Sun Protective for starters.