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Travel Tips for Packing for a Trip

Here's the list for my  travel tips that I've collected over the past decade or more. I've done a lot of packing over that time, and the more I travel, the better I get at traveling light. You will, too! Beach front deck chairs and palm trees Cancun Mexico

Now when I go on a trip, I know what to pack, and why, I know what size suitcase and backpack I need.

I know what medications to take with me.

I know how to work with my itinerary so I pack the right clothes,.

And I know how to avoid many of the pitfalls, like running short of money on the road.

Bonus! You'll have a lighter suitcase to carry up 5 flights of stairs when the elevator isn't working, you won't run out of money when the banks are closed.

You'll know what to do if you lose your passport.

You'll  have a flashlight with you for when the lights go out, and a snack in your pack when your flight is delayed.


Sit back for 5-10 minutes, and read through my travel tips pages. Some things you already know.  Plan ahead, and enjoy your trip, secure in knowing you've planned well!

Packing for a long trip? Going to places with limited shops?

You may want to get a complete trip planner note book to track your travel supplies and wardrobe, like this Simple Travel Planning Kit on


Here are my Travel Tips pages:

For What Clothes to Pack, see each item starting with the largest, bulkiest things first:



* Skirts

* Shirts, Tops

* Shoes, Sandals, Socks

* Bathing Suits

*Underwear *


* Rainwear, Ponchos, Jackets


For hot climate, or resort destinations (Costa Rica, Mexico, Caribbean, etc) see Holidays to Dominican Republic.

China Travel clothing -- China travel suggested wardrobe, with tips for the time of year you will be traveling, and to which parts of China.

What to Pack for a trip to Haiti has tips on what to wear and what to take with you to leave behind. This list also applies to other international aid countries such as Ethiopia.

Traveling to more temperate, Mediterranean climates? See Travel wardrobe Algarve Portugal.


After packing your clothes for your trip, here are all the other things to pack.

Once you have decided what type and how many items of clothing you need to take on yor trip, check out tips for other essential travel items and documents: